We Collect your money as if it were ours

we do not run a call centre operation

eCollect retains the best people available

Our Philosophy

eCollect has been in operation since 1997 and the philosophy is simple, ‘We collect your money as if it were ours’. To do this effectively, eCollect has built and owns internet software which allows us to communicate with clients and debtors in the most efficient manner possible.

But high quality hardware and software alone will not recover your money. eCollect retains the best people available and rewards them well based on the results they achieve for you. We do not run a call centre operation.

Our clients have a dedicated eCollect Account Manager who is responsible for your satisfaction. Your Account Manager will deal personally with your business assisted by selected Collection Officers where necessary. The same people will be handling your account consistently. This allow them to become familiar with your business methods and customers which means better and faster decision making and higher level of recoveries.

Our income is derived from the money we collect for you. We do not have upfront fees. If we do not collect, we do not get paid and if eCollect does not get paid, our staff members handling your matters do not get paid. So when we say ‘We collect your money as if it were ours’, we mean it.

Our Registrations

Company Name: eCollect.com.au Pty. Ltd.
ACN: 077 128 888
ABN: 95 077 128 888
Registered Office: 260 King Street, MELBOURNE VIC 3000
Director: James Woods
Commercial Agent No: 
Victoria V470
, New South Wales 410270433
, Queensland 3376101

Our Formula

Innovative-technology quality-people choosing-approach no-fees bank Innovative technology. Our clients login and view our action in real time on the internet. Clients are able to see what’s happening at any time.

we have representative offices in all states and territories

we want to recover the debt at the earliest possible opportunity

Our Operations

eCollect is based in Melbourne CBD where our computer room houses secure servers, VoIP phone systems and the software that makes it all run. We also have high speed printers, folding and enveloping machinery etc.

We have representative offices in all states and territories. All communications come through the Melbourne office where paper based communications are scanned and retained electronically. Each file is maintained electronically so that both our staff and clients can view what is occurring.

Effective collection of outstanding accounts starts with contacting the debtor at the earliest opportunity. The initial action by eCollect.com.au is usually a written request for payment designed to maintain the goodwill of our clients. Many people respond to this without further action being necessary. Following this initial contact, eCollect.com.au will follow up the debtor with telephone calls and further written demands. Each of these get stronger in their language as time progresses. We want to recover the debt at the earliest possible opportunity and our experienced staff members will be able to make judgments as to how the matters can best be resolved to maximise the return.

Sometimes, a tough approach using the legal process is needed but, at other times, allowing a debtor to pay over time will provide the best results. The eCollect staff members will make this critical judgment on your behalf.

Incoming funds are maintained in a statutory trust account. This account is bonded to ensure proper dealing. The eCollect software provides a collections report to our clients at the end of each months and the balance of funds after deduction of commission are paid to our clients (preferably by EFT) in the first week of the month following the collection.

eCollect staff are trained to observe all legislative protocols including Privacy Act requirements and ACCC guidelines for Debt Collections.

Cases completed


Awards won

Happy clients

How We Work

Make a Smart Choice!

Holistic Approach
The most fundamental of all our work principles is that if the client is happy, then we’re too. This is ensured by the fact that we offer whole range of fiscal consulting – staring with taxes and accounting, all the way to investment opportunities and retirement planning!
Via advising on our client’s investment and liquidity portfolios we come to manage significant amount of money. But for us, the bigger the sum is the higher our responsibility is. We’ll never cause you lose money due to unsound or plain risky strategy!
Long History
Since the times former Wall Street expert John Steven Levegerie and his fellow investment market colleagues decided to quot their respective firms in order to form their own, we’ve grown in so many remarkable and expertise-wise ways!
Reasonable Fees
While we do work with the world’s and nation’s richest companies across the aisle here in New York and on Wall Street, we never mismanage their trust in us. Meaning, all of our pricing and service fees are reasonable, just and dictated by the revenue we bring in!

Meet the Team

Adam Bunderla
Adam Bunderla
Business Development Manager
Direct Number: +613 8611 2660 Email: adam.bunderla@ecollect.com.au
Andrew Righetti
Andrew Righetti
Managing Director
Direct Number: +613 8611 2670 Email: andrewr@ecollect.com.au
Dale Scott
Dale Scott
Senior Account Manager
Direct Number: +613 9999 7901 Email: dale@ecollect.com.au