Our OperationsThe way we work.

Our Operations

eCollect is based in Melbourne CBD where our computer room houses secure servers, VoIP phone systems and the software that makes it all run. We also have hight speed printers, folding and enveloping machinery etc.

We have representative offices in all states and territories.

All communications come through the Melbourne office where paper based communications are scanned and retained electronically.

Each file is maintained electronically so that both our staff and clients can view what is occurring.

Effective collection of outstanding accounts starts with contacting the debtor at the earliest opportunity. The initial action by eCollect.com.au is usually a written request for payment designed to maintain the goodwill of our clients. Many people respond to this without further action being necessary.

Following this initial contact, eCollect.com.au will follow up the debtor with telephone calls and further written demands. Each of these get stronger in their language as time progresses.

We want to recover the debt at the earliest possible opportunity and our experienced staff members will be able to make judgments as to how the matters can best be resolved to maximise the return. Sometimes, a tough approach using the legal process is needed but, at other times, allowing a debtor to pay over time provide the best results. The eCollect staff members will make this critical judgment on your behalf.

Incoming funds are maintained in a statutory trust account. This account is bonded to ensure proper dealing. The eCollect software provides a collections report to our clients at the end of each months and the balance of funds after deduction of commission are paid to our clients (preferably by EFT) in the first week of the month following the collection.

eCollect staff are trained to observe all legislative protocols including Privacy Act requirements and ACCC guidelines for Debt Collections.