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Effective Debt Collection Is About More Than Just A Transaction

Debt management is not an easy task. As time passes, the likelihood of recovering unpaid funds reduces significantly. If you’ve been unsuccessfully trying to recover debts owed for several months, then it’s probably time to consider engaging an expert credit management agency to take on the challenge.

Of course, debt collection is a sensitive and tricky issue. There is any number of providers out there. However, like any professional service, you want to make sure you engage with a professional, reliable partner that treats the relationship between the parties as more than just a transaction – relationships are critical to successful debt recovery.

There are some important considerations when choosing a credit management partnerSome of the key reasons that eCollect stands out from other debt collection agencies in Australia include:

eCollect Does Not Operate A Call Centre

Most debt collection agencies work through a call centre dedicated to pursuing recovery of outstanding or past due payments.

This approach to credit management relies on contacting as many debtors as possible, as quickly as possible, and trying to convince them to begin payment and collect. This impersonal approach lacks consistency or understanding. There are three critical ingredients to successful debt recovery:

  1. Finding the debtor
  2. The debtor having the capacity to pay and finding an arrangement that they can afford

This is not the case with eCollect, which does not operate a call centre. The eCollect approach is to focus on establishing and maintaining a good relationship with debtors, understanding their challenges or objections, and creating an environment that fully resolves the debt and any outstanding issues. eCollect is focused on positive, respectful solutions delivered by dedicated specialists.

Experienced Account Managers (AM) Works for You

eCollect uses experienced and dedicated Account managers to follow a debt through from lodgement to payment. Each client has a dedicated account manager, with expertise in your sector, who will personally deal with your business.

eCollect’s client-focused Account Managers understand that successfully recovering funds owed depends on building and maintain relationships with debtors to ensure the issue is fully resolved.

eCollect Staff Work On Commission so their interests align with the creditor’s interests

eCollect agents’ income is derived from the money they collect, and they don’t take any upfront fees. This means you don’t have to pay if the service is not successfully delivered.

Each of our agents works as hard as possible to recover your debt – We collect your debts as if they were ours.

Industry Specialised

Debt recovery requires a different approach for different industry sectors. At eCollect, account managers are expert in and work for a few selected industries. This allows them to gain experience in that particular industry and develop an intimate understanding of the commercial arrangements, such as typical trade terms and transaction types that operate in that sector.

Before collecting a debt, our expert staff have already gotten to know the terminology, rules and regulations governing your industry. This knowledge is critical to long term success in debt recovery.

A team of experienced specialist lawyers supports Account Managers

People and businesses have different motivations and reasons for non-payment. Most debtors understand they have an obligation to pay and welcome a personal and flexible approach to developing a solution based on relationship. Other debtors sometimes have an objection to paying which needs to be understood and acknowledged before progressing to a recovery plan. In some instances, there is simply no intent to pay and legal solutions are required. eCollect works with an experienced legal ‘sister’ company, EC Legal, who support account managers when taking legal action is required to close a matter out.

If you’re struggling to recoup outstanding debts, consider making contact with eCollect, the experts in the business. They offer a no-obligation service – a Debt Terminator option, which includes an eCollect contact, that will take you through the process and guide you each step of the way, as well as a recommended course of action and a cost estimate.

Ready to get a best solution for your business?

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