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Unpaid Invoices – Here’s How To Fix The Biggest Cause Of Poor Cash Flow Management.

At a glance:

    • Even profitable businesses may fail in the absence of proper cash flow management.
    • When dealing with outstanding debts, it’s always best to have a commercial debt collector.
    • Provide easy payment options to your customers, such as credit cards and direct deposit.


The amount of revenue you receive minus the amount you spend on expenses is the cash flow of your business.

Even profitable businesses may fail in the absence of proper cash flow management. Banks may foreclose on your property, and suppliers may terminate your contract in case you are unable to make payments to your lenders or suppliers. When dealing with outstanding debts, it’s always best to have a commercial debt collector handle them correctly.

Discover how to manage your cash flow, control your expenses, and increase profits to avoid this.


Develop a short-term survival plan for your business

Provide a breakdown of your business plan, including processes, operations, income, and expenses. If necessary, utilise job costing to analyse the profit and loss statements and margins of your business. Figure out what products, services, clients, and labour consume the majority of expenses and profits. The keys to staying open are scaling back and slowing down.


Expense reductions

Even though reducing expenses can be challenging, your survival plan will highlight essential and non-essential expenditures. Depending on your circumstances, your cash flow can improve with a few creative changes.

  • Non-essential services can be temporarily discontinued.
  • Enhance virtual services.
  • Premium service can be cancelled or reduced.
  • Consider switching to a lower-cost supplier for a period of time.
  • Cost-cutting measures.

Consider corporate debt collection services before deciding to lay off employees.


Make sure customers pay on time.

The following strategies can allow you to encourage your customers to pay more quickly if you often wait on their payments:


  • Once the products are ready, invoice them right away and deliver them.
  • Make payments as simple and convenient as possible for your customers, including credit cards and direct deposits.
  • Depending on your budget, offer early payment discounts.
  • Ask for a deposit if it’s a big or special order.
  • Pay attention to outstanding debts and payments on a regular basis.
  • Establish processes to resolve customer disputes quickly.

To collect outstanding debts on time, it is easier to contact a professional debt collection agency like eCollect.


Budget and manage staffing

Staffing changes can save your company money on misplaced wages:


  • The roster system should be matched to peak periods, and flexible staffing arrangements should be made.
  • Don’t pay sales commissions until the customer pays you.
  • To improve cash flow, reward employees who achieve sales targets and reduce expenses.


Bonus Tips for cash flow management:

  • Ensure that your books are up-to-date. Additionally, saving you time and money comes tax time; this will help you make sure that your accounting and reporting systems are working efficiently. In case you lack this skill, delegate it to someone who does.
  • Make sure your invoices are paid. While late invoices are not ideal, they are sometimes necessary to maintain a healthy client relationship. However, you are sacrificing your cash flow. Make sure that you take discreet and formal actions to ensure your payment.
  • Establish a cash flow benchmark. Make sure you are hitting the mark by learning how other businesses operate and how they spend their money.
  • Building a cash reserve for an unexpected cash crunch is the next step once you have your cash flow under control. Thus, set up a cash reserve.


With eCollect, you can expect professional debt collection services that are transparent, dependable, and compliant. Get a free, no-obligation quote and assess your debt in three easy steps. Due to the ability of eCollect to recover even hopeless debts, they have gained the trust and loyalty of more than 10,000 clients.

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