Why Should Small Businesses Hire a Debt Recovery Agency?

It is essential for businesses, particularly small businesses, to manage their cash flow. Many things can negatively impact your cash flow, overdue accounts being one of the primary reasons. Failing to manage your accounts that are due can affect the growth of your organisation. As a leading debt collection agency in Melbourne, eCollect understands the importance of collecting the receivables on time, which is why we have listed the reasons why it is a smart move for a small business owner to hire a debt recovery agency.


Harsh Action for Threatening Collection Staff

eCollect takes its responsibility to protect our staff from threatening behaviour very seriously. Our usual practice is to report matters to the police where the threatening behaviour is serious enough to constitute criminal conduct.


What Should You Know About Attachment of Earnings?

Debt collectors, such as eCollect in conjunction with our associated legal firm E C Legal, are having some success with Attachment of Earnings applications in situations where our client has obtained judgment against the debtor but the debtor is still unwilling or unable to pay.