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Credit Consultancy

Our Managing Director, James Woods, and our other Account Managers are available to provide advice based on their extensive experience in the debt recovery business.  We’ve developed standard documents in Word format that you can purchase and customise to your requirements:

Credit Application

This document provides a basic credit application in Word format. A written credit application is important for a number of reasons including ensuring the correct identification of the debtor, preserving your right to title and making the application of the trading terms and conditions clear.

Trading Terms and Conditions

This document provides a basic Trading Terms and Conditions in word format.

Credit Acceptance Procedures

This document provides instructions to you and your staff about how to create a favourable trading arrangement for your business.

Personal Property Security Register (PPSR)

This new legislation has created a single registry for retention of title claims – meaning you keep documented ownership of your goods until they have been paid for. eCollect can review your trade and credit documentation allowing you to register your security interests on the PPSR, placing your business and your goods at a lower risk from the bad debts of customers should they default.

Specify in the subject the document you wish to have more information about

The cost of each of the documents is $55.00 inclusive of GST.  If you need help tailoring these documents to your business needs, eCollect and E C Legal can assist. Each of our senior staff members have a set hourly rate for this service.

The advice can cover:

  • Development of credit acceptance procedures
  • Use of proper credit applications – how to best secure the amount owed using effective but understandable legal documentation including personal guarantees, retention of title documentation and other securities
  • Internal credit collection policies and procedures – how to move early to prevent bad debts – using letters and telephones to increase
  • Invoice & statement design

Credit Consultancy | Credit Collection Policies | Business Debt Recovery

Credit Consultancy | Credit Collection Policies | Business Debt Recovery