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Harsh Action for Threatening Collection Staff

eCollect takes its responsibility to protect our staff from threatening behaviour very seriously.

Our usual practice is to report matters to the police where the threatening behaviour is serious enough to constitute criminal conduct.

The Illawarra Mercury recently reported on case heard in Local Court of New South Wales. The report said:

The court heard [the debtor] left an “irate and aggressive” voice mail message after receiving one of the automated calls on his mobile phone on the evening of February 20.

In it, he threatened to “blow up your f–king buildings and murder your f–king staff” unless the company stopped calling him.

He left another message an hour later, in which he tried to disguise his voice as Middle Eastern.

“I will ruin your business – if you ever f–k with me again I will come and cut your throats,” he raged.

“I will f–king bomb your building, Bankstown, Melbourne, Adelaide, now cancel your f–king auto dial you f–king c–ts.”

The matter was reported to police amid fears for the safety of staff.

Scott was arrested in April and charged with two counts of using a carriage service to threaten serious harm, to which he pleaded guilty.

He told a Community Corrections worker he made the threats after getting frustrated with the continuous phone calls.

“I thought if I pretended to be a crazy person they would take me off the list,” he said.

In court this week, Magistrate Michael Stoddart accepted Scott had no intentions of carrying out any of the threats, but said it was natural people would take such threats seriously and become fearful.

“Is that an appropriate way to talk to anyone?” he said when Scott reiterated his belief that it was scammers on the other end of the line.

“You could have just blocked the number.

“If there was anything else on your record like this I’d be imposing a jail sentence today.”

He placed Scott on a two-year good-behaviour bond, with a $500 fine if he breached it, and a further fine of $2,000.

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