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Every penny earned is vital for a small to medium business to stay afloat. At eCollect, we understand the importance of getting the money owed to you without compromising your relationships with the customers. Let our experienced team ameliorate your burden so you can focus on doing what you do best.

For small businesses that rely on daily payments to run, it’s cash that counts at the end of the day. As part of our credit control services, we ensure you have sufficient cash, and for non-payment, our debt collection services in Melbourne will get you back on track as soon as possible.

Some of the small businesses we serve include plumbing, electricians, contractors, HVAC professionals, and many other service professionals. As a businessperson, you slog hard to make money and to build solid relationships with your customers and the community. Needless to say, you want to do everything you can to preserve those relationships.

Our collection process begins as soon as we receive a debt, letting you focus on your business instead of debt collection. The entire process will be kept in the loop for you.

Insolvency, settlement agreements, terms and conditions, and credit checks are all part of our free advice and support. Turn to our in-house legal team if you need help making an informed decision.

The key to our success is combining determination and skill with an ethical, one-size-doesn’t-fit-all approach. Our team of skilled debt collectors, negotiators, mediators, and solicitors will help you get your money back quickly and efficiently, complementing your credit management service.

eCollect is a leading provider of debt collection services for small and medium businesses. Our team is known for its ability to efficiently, swiftly, and cost-effectively collect even the toughest business debts for our clients.

eCollect offers businesses across Australia the best debt collection solutions with over 25 years of debt collection experience.

When you’re swamped with daily tasks, keeping in touch with debtors may seem tedious. Due to a lack of bandwidth, small businesses have difficulty recovering debt from customers. This reinforces the need for a debt collection agency for small businesses. Through our extensive network of small business debt collectors in Melbourne, we at eCollect ensure compliance with federal, state, and local collection laws.

Don’t let unpaid bills sink your business by getting in touch with our debt collectors. In the event that we are not able to collect funds, you do not owe us anything.


No fees up front!

You can recover interest and costs by using our small business debt collectors.

No Resolution, No Charge!

Our no collection, no fee service means if we are not able to collect your money, you owe us nothing.

No Monthly Membership Fees

We do not charge you any upfront fees or membership fees.

Well-versed Collectors!

Our small business debt collectors work within the framework of the debt collection law. We are committed to getting you the results you need and want.

No Monthly Minimum Debts

We do not have monthly minimum debt placement requirements.

Compliance with the Industry

At eCollect, our enforcement process is guided by professional and ethical principles, and we take pride in protecting both your and our reputations.

Updates are available all the time.

Using state-of-the-art technology, we communicate in multi-channels, so you’ll know exactly what’s going on every step of the way.

Experimentation in the Area

Small businesses need a collection strategy that reflects their unique challenges. It is for this reason that we provide tailored debt collection services.

Debts of all Sorts

No matter the type of your debt, our collectors are trained in recovering debts strategically and by fully complying with local laws in all Australia & NZ territories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time for me to send my accounts to collections?

Debts that are assigned to collections sooner have a higher probability of being collected. Thus, you shouldn’t wait to assign your accounts to us if your customers are more than 60 days late and not responding

What are the steps involved in your Debt Collection service?

Quite well, in a nutshell! Here, clients can easily submit collections assignments. The moment an assignment gets submitted, instructions will display that provide our email and fax numbers for providing invoices, contracts, purchase orders, and credit applications in support of each assignment.

What is the expected timeframe for collection?

Our collection efforts can yield positive results within 10-30 days despite several factors that may delay a swifter resolution. When accounts are placed with us in the earlier stages of delinquency, we can often recover them within just a few days.

Do you charge any hidden fees for your service?

No! It’s simple: you owe us nothing if we do not collect the debt. This means you don’t have to worry about any hidden fees, charges, or other costs.

Which cities do you serve?

Thanks to our network of collection specialists, we can provide coverage anywhere in Australia!

Where do I begin?

You can rely on us to make the process simple! Contact us today.

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