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eCollect provides top-notch small business debt recovery services across Australia and provides value to the range of businesses who choose to outsource their debt collection tasks to us. We are one of the leading debt collection agencies in Australia, that specialise in recovering all types of debt for small and medium sized enterprises.

Our debt recovery solutions are results-driven and cost-effective. We have successfully recovered debt for hundreds of small and medium-sized Australian and New Zealand businesses. Through our offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane – we support businesses across Australia in recovering their debts using our cloud-based technology and experienced team members.

Our team of talented debt collectors and our investment in debt collection technology, allow us to remain at the forefront of the debt collection industry. Using our state-of-the-art online debt recovery platform, small businesses can now only easily access the probability of, and a quote, for recovering their debts. However, they can also review and monitor the recovery process as it moves ahead in real time. With our online system, tracking and sending email notifications to debtors is seamless and debtors are provided with the ability to pay debts using the in-built payment system.

We are confident in our debt recovery practices and the competence of our team members, as we have a high rate of successful debt recoveries for small, medium and large businesses. This success gives us the confidence to take on debt collection projects that our competitors deem impossible. If you are looking for effective and efficient debt recovery services for your business, get in touch today.


No Upfront Fees

Small businesses hire debt collectors to recover money, not to increase their expenditures. We absolutely understand this and as such charge no upfront fees. We don’t charge for providing letter templates as we are confident in our methods and ability to successfully recover your debt.

No Recovery, No Commission *

We don’t charge a commission if we are unsuccessful in recovering your debt. No collection, no fees. If there is no money deposited into our audited trust account from your debtors, you will not receive a commission invoice from us. We earn our money by collecting your debt successfully.

No Monthly Membership Fees

We do not charge you any upfront fees or membership fees.

Personal Touch

Our work is not based on pushy call centres. We believe in collecting your debt using a personal touch. Our account managers are trained and experienced in small business debt collection, working closely with business owners and their debtors to prepare and implement a debt collection strategy that is best suited for them. Our personalised strategy is our secret to high recovery rates.

No Monthly Minimum Debts

We do not have monthly minimum debt placement requirements.

Cloud Recovery Services

Remaining well-informed of trends is the key to survival in tough business sectors. Considering the shift in consumer behaviour and adoption of cloud technology for scaling business operations in other sectors, we were ahead of our time when we took our business operations online. Our completely online debt recovery services provide real time updates on our recovery action to our clients and provides the ability for their debtors to pay online.

Expert In-House Team

eCollect comprises some of the best trained and skilled professional debt collectors in Australia. Our team members are well versed in local debt collection legislation and show the utmost professionalism by adhering to local and national debt collection laws and regulations. To keep them abreast of changing regulations, eCollect invests in organising periodic training for them.

Free Professional Advice

Our professional advice is always free as we don’t charge upfront fees. We share all relevant information upfront and provide all available options to our clients and debtors. Our clients will clearly understand everything about our debt recovery process and there won’t be any surprises in store for them later.

Debts of all Sorts

No matter the type of your debt, our collectors are trained in recovering debts strategically and by fully complying with local laws in all Australia & NZ territories.

Clients That Trust Us

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of small businesses do you work with?

We work with small businesses that operate in a wide range of niches and industries across Australia. Over the past two decades we have worked closely with small businesses to recover their debts. Some of these include:

How to find a debt collection agency for small businesses near me?

eCollect offers its services in all states across Australia. With offices across the country, we are the debt collection agency with offices near you, no matter where you are. Get in touch today and one of the account managers will call you to assist further.

Do you charge for debt assessment and provide a quote?

We provide a free debt assessment and no-obligation quote for recovering your debt through our fully online and intuitive debt assessment tool. Along with providing you with a quote and an assessment of your debt’s status, it also provides a strategy for collecting the debt in three easy steps. Try it now by clicking here.

When should I hire a small business debt collection agency?

You are entitled to take action as soon as there is the debt that is due and payable. You should understand that the older a debt, the more difficult it becomes to collect and recover the debt.

For instance, it is significantly more difficult to collect debts that are over 200 days past their due date, compared to those that are only 100 days past their due date.

Why are you interested in collecting debts for small businesses?

There are debt collection agencies that are only interested in recovering the debt of big businesses. While we do recover debts of big corporations, we also provide the same services to small and medium businesses too, after all they also need quality services.

In which states are your services available?

Our small business debt collection services are available to all businesses operating in Australia and New Zealand. No matter where your business or debtor is located, we are confident in working with you to recover your debt. Get in touch now to discuss your details further.

Will hiring a debt collection agency affect my business reputation?

No, it won’t as long as you are hiring a reputable debt collection agency that deploys ethical and legal procedures to collect your debts while respecting the rights of your debtors. You should not hire an agency that relies on standover methods when chasing a debt.

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