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As a professional debt collection agency in Australia, eCollect has assisted many small and large businesses in commercial litigation and debt recovery. Depending on the circumstances, there are benefits to businesses instigating legal actions for recovering payments off their clients. However, given the complexity, time required, and commercials involved many just don’t start the process. This is where eCollect stands out from other debt collection agencies. We not only help our clients with all the prelitigation work, but we also help to provide them with all the information they need to decide whether they should take a legal course of action, as part of our debt litigation and recovery services.

Dealing directly with solicitors while also dealing with a debt collection agency increases the overall cost of a recovery and litigation process. At the same time, it also slows down the pace of the process, as clients have to explain all the details of the debt to both parties. It is for these reasons, eCollect provides its clients access to the E C Legal litigation services, to cuts down fees and the time required to deal with different entities.

What Are eCollect’s

The eCollect account managers will do a large amount, if not all, of the prelitigation work. This involves locating the debtor, making the initial contact and demand, attempting to negotiate payment, making an assessment of any issues that might make collection difficult and providing feedback on all of this to our client.

The eCollect account managers work entirely on a no recovery, no charge basis. If you engage lawyers to do this, the cost would certainly be several hundred dollars and could possibly be several thousand dollars. Our experience is that lawyers aren’t particularly good at these things. They’re good at running cases in the courts as part of their debt collection litigation services but often not so strong on the nonlegal tasks surrounding this.

What Is E C Legal’s

E C Legal are eCollect’s associated litigation and business lawyers. They were created to support eCollect’s debt recovery operations. It is 100% owned and operated by eCollect and we share office space, communication systems and support personnel with eCollect.

When a debt recovery matter ceases to progress and legal action is required, E C Legal will provide competitive pricing and practical advice. It is prepared to look at your claim and provide you with a written legal opinion about your prospects of success, and what needs to be done to maximise them. It will tell you what you are likely to spend if we act on your behalf.

This is done without any obligation for you to continue, but only if you are serious about putting in the necessary time and effort to allow E C Legal to see the whole claim in as much detail as possible. E C Legal handle predominantly litigation and business advice matters. Concentrating on a relatively narrow range of civil litigation services allows them to deal with the same type of issues repeatedly which provides genuine experience. That experience means that they can provide advice with more accuracy and less cost.

E C Legal handles a large volume of matters across Australia. They know the processes in all courts throughout the country. With this knowledge and experience, it makes it easy to get legal action underway in the shortest possible time and with the maximum result.


No Upfront Fees

If you want to try us, then go ahead. We don’t have any upfront fees and we charge on the basis of our performance.

No Collection, No Pay *

eCollect works on a no collection, no fee basis. If we can’t collect your debt, then we won’t charge you.

Professional collectors

Having worked in the industry for over two decades we have a team of highly talented and experienced professional debt collectors.

24/7 Update

Our clients can access information about our activity, and updates on their debt collection progress from our completely online platform.

Industry Compliance

We follow industry endorsed and approved debt collection methods and techniques. Our work force and practices are fully compliant.

Local Experience

Our debt collectors are experts in state-specific and federal debt collection rules & regulations and abide by them with the utmost professionalism.

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Frequently Asked Question

Why should I hire litigation lawyers when I have hired a debt recovery agency?

Collection of debts for small to medium enterprise businesses is not a standard job. Every type of industry has its own way of doing things and each business within that industry also has specific methods of operation. Attempting to collect debts using a standard process is not always the best way to handle things.

As a professional and dedicated debt recovery agency, the eCollect team of experienced account managers apprise the situation, and make a judgement call as to the best method of recovery. They perform a lot pre litigation work (as elaborated above) and if they deem that the process won’t be effective, they inform you of this.

By placing all the options on your table, eCollect can assist you in reaching a decision. If you are considering starting a litigation, they connect you with the E C Legal team while also briefing them about your case. After reviewing your case, the litigation team will present you a no-obligation quote for their services and also share their action plan.

Once approved, the litigation team focuses on the court process and getting you the best outcome.

Both, litigation lawyers and debt recovery agencies work together, but on separate frontiers and for the same purpose: recovering your debt.

What is the relationship between eCollect & E C Legal?

E C Legal is eCollect’s associated litigation and business lawyers. It supports eCollect’s debt recovery operations. They share the same office space, communication systems and also support personnel. E C Legal was formed to support eCollect’s debt recovery services by focusing solely on handling litigations for its clients in all states of Australia.

How does E C Legal help with the debt litigations?

E C Legal’s skill set involves all aspects of debt collection, including commercial litigation in all states of Australia. When legal action is required for debt recovery matters, it provides practical advice and competitive pricing based on your claim.

Does E C Legal offer written advice on the legal aspects of debt recovery?

Yes, E C Legal’s litigation lawyers review your claim and provide you with a written legal opinion about your prospects of success. They also recommend what needs to be done to maximise your chances of success, and the potential costs involved so that you can take an informed decision.

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If you are searching for ‘debt litigation and recovery services near me’, your search ends here. We offer debt recovery and litigation services to small and large businesses in every state of Australia and New Zealand, through our offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, and Auckland. If our office is not located near you, no worries, we operate and are licensed in all jurisdictions within Australia and New Zealand. Just send us your debt and contact details and we will let you know the ways we can help you with litigation and debt recovery.

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