Litigation Lawyers

Litigation Lawyer

eCollect’s Debt Recovery Activities


E C Legal is eCollect’s associated legal firm

A litigation and business focused legal firm to support eCollect’s debt recovery activities.

Litigation Lawyers

E C Legal is eCollect’s associated litigation and business lawyers and was created to support eCollect’s debt recovery operations.

E C Legal’s skill set includes all aspects of debt collection including commercial litigation in all states of Australia.

E C Legal handles predominantly litigation and business advice matters. Concentrating on a relatively narrow range of civil litigation services allows E C Legal deal with the same type of issues repeatedly which provides genuine experience. That experience means that E C Legal can provide advice with more accuracy and less cost.

E C Legal is 100% owned and operated and shares office space, communications systems and support personnel with eCollect.

When a debt recovery matter ceases to progress and legal action is required, E C Legal will provide competitive pricing and practical advice.

E C Legal is prepared to look at your claim and provide you with a written legal opinion about your prospects of success and what needs to be done to maximise them. E C Legal will tell you what you are likely to spend in acting on your behalf

E C Legal will do this without any obligation for you to continue but only if you are serious about putting in the necessary time and effort to allow E C Legal to see the whole claim in as much detail as possible. This is going to require some work by you.

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