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Commercial Debt Collection
Service for Corporates

eCollect understands that commercial debt collection approaches that work for small and medium sized businesses may not work effectively for bigger corporates. We also understand that dealing with unpaid invoices can affect cash flow and can warrant establishing an in-house debt collection team, possibly unsuccessfully.

We know the headaches involved in commercial debt collection for corporate houses, because we work for some of Australia’s largest corporates to recover what is rightfully theirs.

For over two decades our team of professional commercial debt collectors have worked closely with many corporate houses and tailored our recovery strategies to corporates to assist in recovering debts from a variety of debtors. From our experience we have developed scalable debt recovery methods and strategies that are tailored to each business and their debtors’ profile.

eCollect specialises in collecting all types of commercial debt owed to various types of corporate firms that include accounting professionals, legal professionals, entertainment rentals, aged care providers, medical professionals, education & training providers and gym & fitness providers.

As a professional and ethical commercial debt collection agency, we understand that your clients and your brand’s reputation is important. As such all our methods and strategies are based on the principle of fairness and effective communication in dealing with your debtors.

If you are looking for a professional, effective, transparent, compliant and reliable corporate debt recovery service in Australia, your search ends here. Get in touch with us today and let us assist your business in receiving the money it is owed and maintaining a healthy cash flow.

Why choose eCollect as Your
Corporate Debt Collection Agency?

No Upfront Charges

We are confident in what we do and charge businesses only after we start working on collecting their debts. We don’t charge fees for loading your bad debts into our system and for using our debt collection notices or letter templates.

No Collection, No Fee *

We work on a no collection, no commission basis. If we fail to collect your businesses bad debts, you don’t pay us. We charge on the basis of our performance and charge only if we are successful in collecting your business debts.

No Monthly Membership Fees

We do not charge you any upfront fees or membership fees.

Professional Account Manager

We understand that our clients are time-poor, and they may not have the resources to work with us at every step. Our professional account managers will liaise with you and keep you abreast of the progress made on your account.

No Monthly Minimum Debts

We do not have monthly minimum debt placement requirements.

Utterly Professional

Our debt collectors adhere to the commercial recovery guidelines laid out by the ACCC and the ASSIC. They also receive periodic training on ethical debt collection methods and strategies, and local laws of the area they operate in.


We are at the forefront when it comes to the use of modern technology in improving the process of recovering commercial debts and keeping our work transparent to our clients. Our online debt recovery solution makes it easier for all involved parties.

Nationwide Services

Our commercial debt collection services are available for all businesses in Australia and New Zealand through our offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney and our network of professional commercial debt collectors.

Debts of all Sorts

No matter the type of your debt, our collectors are trained in recovering debts strategically and by fully complying with local laws in all Australia & NZ territories.

Clients That Trust Us

Corporate Debt Collection FAQs

How many commercial debts can I submit for collection?

There is no limit on the number of debts you can submit to us for recovery. Your dedicated account manager will get back to you with an assessment of your debts and present you with the options available so that you can make the call. We will start the recovery process only after we have your approval.

Do I need to pay a commission fee if the debtor pays me directly?

Once we get involved and debtors start to receive letters from us, they will often be quick to pay their debts. If the debtor pays you money directly after we are involved, then you are still liable to pay our commission fee.

When is the best time to take action for recovering a debt?

We recommend starting the business debt recovery process as soon as the debt is overdue because the chances of recovery are higher if the debt is recent. The older a debt gets, the harder it becomes to recover it.

How much do you charge if you collect a debt?

Our collection charge depends on how old the debt is and the type of debt collection services we offered. There are debt collection agencies that charge upfront fees of 5 to 30 percent before the collection. We don’t charge any upfront fees like joining or admin fees. We only charge you a commission fee if we are able to recover your debt.

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