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Accounts Receivable and outstanding debts for an in-house accounts team is always a hard task and more importantly time consuming. As a team of highly experienced commercial debt collectors across Australia, we exclusively practise collecting debts on behalf of our commercial clients. We will be responsible for not only collecting your commercial debts, but also protecting your business relationships. We also stick by a no recover, no charge policy, so our clients do not have to pay unless their debt is recovered.

Your business may lack the time, expertise, and necessary tools to recover your debts, which is why you should work with eCollect for any of your commercial debt collection needs. Our team is well- trained and facilitated in recovering debts with a brand specific focus in the smallest amount of time possible.

If you decide to use the commercial debt collection services from eCollect, then you have made the first step in the right direction. We will undertake all the hard work, so you don’t have to. Plus, now you will have a higher chance of recovery because you have handed off your debt collection to the professionals with a proven track record.

We have been providing commercial debt collection services for over two decades to small, medium and big businesses. Our personalised and structured approach to collecting your debts helps us to stand out from our competition, and more often collect debts successfully that were once deemed uncollectable. Our clear and concise understanding and ongoing training around understanding all Australian commercial debt collection rules and regulations aligned with our experienced staff, means you can put your faith in our team to do the right thing.

Debt recovery is often a stressful time for commercial business and small businesses, so we only charge our clients after collecting their debts. We are sure to not add any further stress to their situation using this policy. We also believe in long term business relationships with our clients that are mutually beneficial. So, if your business is dealing with bad unpaid debts, and looking for commercial debt collection services with a reputable and professional commercial debt collection agency with a proven track record then get in touch with eCollect today, to discuss how we can recover your bad debts.

FAQs: Corporate Debt Collection

There is no limit on the number of debts you can submit to us for recovery. Your dedicated account manager will get back to you with an assessment of your debts and present you with the options available so that you can make the call. We will start the recovery process only after we have your approval.

Once we get involved and debtors start to receive letters from us, they will often be quick to pay their debts. If the debtor pays you money directly after we are involved, then you are still liable to pay our commission fee.

We recommend starting the business debt recovery process as soon as the debt is overdue because the chances of recovery are higher if the debt is recent. The older a debt gets, the harder it becomes to recover it.

Our collection charge depends on how old the debt is and the type of debt collection services we offered. There are debt collection agencies that charge upfront fees of 5 to 30 percent before the collection. We don’t charge any upfront fees like joining or admin fees. We only charge you a commission fee if we are able to recover your debt.