eCollect’s Refund Policy

Should any person believe that they are entitled to a refund of monies paid to eCollect for any reason, the following policy will apply.

  • – Refunds will only be considered following completion of a Refund Claim Form which can be downloaded here;
  • – Refunds will be made to the person making the payment;
  • – Any refund made will incur an administrative charge of the lower of 10% of Amount of Refund requested or $22.00 inclusive of GST unless the receipt is due to an error by eCollect in which case no charge will be applied;
  • – Once a refund is made, eCollect and its client will be released from any further claims in relation to overpayments by the recipient of the refund.

For further information, please contact our Administration Manager 03 8611 2600.