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Running a business is no easy feat and having to collect your unpaid debts alongside of this is a difficult task. As a team of highly experienced debt collectors across Australia, we exclusively practice collecting debts on behalf of our corporate clients. We will be responsible for not only collecting your debts, but also protecting your business relationships. We also stick by a no recover, no charge policy, so our clients do not have to pay unless their debt is recovered.

Your business may lack the expertise and necessary tools to recover your debts, which is why you should work with eCollect for any of your corporate debt collection needs. Our team is well- trained and facilitated in recovering debts ethically in the smallest amount of time possible.

If you decide to use the corporate debt collection services from eCollect, then you have made the first step in the right direction. We will undertake all of the hard work, so you don’t have to. Plus, now you will have a higher chance of recovery because you have handed off your debt collection to the professionals.

We have been providing corporate debt collection services for over two decades to small, medium and big businesses. Our personalised and structured approach to collecting your debts helps us to stand out from our competition, and more often collect debts successfully that were once deemed uncollectable. Our clear and concise understanding and ongoing training around understanding all Australian corporate debt collection rules and regulations, means you can put your faith in our team to do the right thing.

Debt recovery is often a stressful time, so we only charge our clients after collecting their debts. We are sure to not add any further stress to their situation using this policy. We also believe in long term business relationships with our clients that are mutually beneficial. So, if your business is dealing with bad unpaid debts, and looking for corporate debt collection services with a great debt collection agency, then get in touch with eCollect today, to discuss how we can recover your bad debts.

Why eCollect for corporate
debt collection in Australia?

No Upfront Charges

Unlike other debt collectors, we do not charge you fees for joining us or loading accounts. You can try our services straight away without any upfront fees. We only charge you on the amount that we have successfully recovered for you.

No Recovery, No Pay *

We are confident in what we do and have been doing for over two decades. Therefore, you don’t have to pay us unless we recover your debt. So, if we fail to collect your bad debts, you don’t need to pay.

No Monthly Membership Fees

We do not charge you any upfront fees or membership fees.

Local Law Experts

We have professionals from all over Australia who are adequately trained on local debt collection regulations to recover all your debts through a holistic approach. We also have a legal team standing by in case we need any particular legal advice.

No Monthly Minimum Debts

We do not have monthly minimum debt placement requirements.

Solid Success Record

We have been in the industry for over two decades now, and our practice in recovering bad debts is proficient across Australia. We have a solid success record of being able to gain the trust of all our clients and collect even the most difficult debts.

Real Time Updates

Live reports and updates on debt collection progress made on your account in real time through our online portal.

Nationwide Services

Our professional teams, and their networks can deliver our services nationwide. Whether we are available physically or we facilitate online debt recovery solutions for our interested clients, we are available across Australia.

Debts of all Sorts

No matter the type of your debt, our collectors are trained in recovering debts strategically and by fully complying with local laws in all Australia & NZ territories.

Clients That Trust Us

Frequently Asked Question

How long does it take to recover corporate bad debts?

Our team works towards the common motive of reducing our client’s bad debts. Bad debts are recurring in the operation cycle of a company. The time period for debt recovery is not specific and will depend upon the amount and the situation. However, we assure you that we will recover your corporate debts in the fastest way possible.

What types of corporate debt do you recover?

eCollect specialises in collecting all kinds of corporate debt, whether for a small, medium, or large business debt, we can handle it. We also offer debt recovery services to individuals for personal debts. We are open to everyone, and every debt that needs to be recovered.

How many debts do you handle at a time?

eCollect has a huge team of working professionals all over Australia. Because we have a sufficient workforce across the country, we are open to as many corporate debt recoveries as possible. A dedicated account manager will be assigned to you and assist in all of your recoveries.

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