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eCollect is one of the most reliable and trustworthy debt collection agencies operating in Australia and New Zealand, that can recover all types of debt. Whether you have small or big debts, personal or commercial debts, we take on all types of debt. If someone has said that they cannot collect your debt, chances are that we can recover it for you, as we have done for many others. Our fully trained team of professional debt collectors understand the job and are equipped with over two decades of combined debt collection experience. We can take on even the most challenging debt collection assignments in Australia and New Zealand.

We believe in providing ethical and fully transparent services to our clients. We don’t charge for providing letter templates. We infuse the latest technological advances into our process and use them to aid and expediate our debt recovery services. Our state-of-the-art cloud-based debt collection service not only provides access to all email templates that our clients need, but also keeps them updated about our activities and their collections in real time. eCollect charges its clients based on our performance. If there is no recovery, there is no commission.

eCollect are a specialist debt collection agency, that offer professional debt collection, business debt recovery and collection services. For over 20 years, we have recovered personal and commercial debts for small, medium and large businesses and individuals across Australia & New Zealand; through our offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland.

More than 10,000 clients have trusted us to recover their bad debts and have become repeat customers because of our ability to recover even the most hopeless debts. Get in touch with us for an obligation-free debt appraisal or to talk with one of our specialist account managers to see how we can assist you.

No Upfront Fees

Professional debt collection agency that believes in charging for performance, not for providing debt letter templates.

No Recovery No Charge *

Yes, that’s our spiel. We don’t charge commission if we are not able to collect your debt. We built our business by earning our money from collecting yours.

No Monthly Membership Fees

We do not charge you any upfront fees or membership fees.

Dedicated Account Manager

Experienced & dedicated local account manager to look after all aspects of your debt collection and communicate them efficiently.

No Monthly Minimum Debts

We do not have monthly minimum debt placement requirements.

Professional Debt Collectors

Experienced & fully trained debt collectors that are rewarded by results. Along with being well versed in local laws, they recover debts with a professional approach.

Real Time Reports & Updates

Live reports and updates on debt collection progress made on your account in real time through our online portal.

Debts of all Sorts

No matter the type of your debt, our collectors are trained in recovering debts strategically and by fully complying with local laws in all Australia & NZ territories.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of businesses does eCollect provides its service to?

With over 20 years of experience as a debt collection agency, eCollect has offered its services to more than 10,000 customers in Australia and New Zealand. We provide debt collection services to individuals and businesses from a wide range of industries, and specialise in collecting debts related to invoices, orders and contracts, including:


How many debts can eCollect recover for you?

As many as you have. There is no limit on the number of debts you can assign eCollect to recover. After you have signed up for our services, eCollect assesses any debt you have presented to us, including quality of the case, process and commission you would pay, if we are successful in collecting your debts.

We start the collection process only after you provide us the approval. You can have us collect multiple or single debts at a time.

What is the minimum amount of debt eCollect will collect?

eCollect offers collection services for debt of any size.

In which states are your services available?

eCollect’s services are licensed to operate in all states across Australia and also provide services in New Zealand. With our offices spread across major cities, we are able to provide quality and speedy debt recovery services no matter where you are.

What is Debt Terminator?

Debt Terminator software is a cloud-based debt assessment solution that provides an assessment of your debt. This is a completely no-obligation service that also offers insight into the possibility of collecting your debt along with a probable course of action. It’s your money, the eCollect Debt Terminator will tell you how – completely FREE of cost. Start your assessment now.

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