Professional Debt Collection Agency

We collect your money as if it were ours


No Collection No Fee

No Upfront Fees

eCollect is all about performance. We do not expect payment for letters.

No Recovery No Charge

No Recovery No Charge

Give us a fair go at your collections. There is no charge if no money is recovered for you

Debt Collectors Managers

Dedicated Account Manager

You will have a dedicated account manager who is based in Australia and will look after all aspects for your recovery.

Debt Collectors Software

Online Access

The eCollect software will let you see that we are on the job 24/7.

Best Debt Collectors

Our Debt Collectors

Experienced and rewarded by results, some collectors have been with us for 10+ years

Debt Collectors Melbourne

Debts of all Sorts

Our collectors know how different industries work across Australia & NZ

Debt Terminator

Its your money, the eCollect Debt Terminator will tell you how. We are determined…

Our Spiel

eCollect is a prominent debt collection agency having expert collectors working in all Australasian states and territories.

We are business debt collection specialists who offer a wide range of debt recovery services including negotiation and settlement; debt management with payment plans, low cost litigation in tribunals across Australia, expert review of your trading terms and conditions, advice on your credit processes and repair of adverse credit reports.

We collect your money as if it were ours by using a combination of experienced account managers and bespoke software.

Our software allows you to view what we are doing on your behalf at all times. You can see exactly the same information as our account managers use.

eCollect works on a No Collection, No Fee basis. If we can’t collect, you won’t have to pay.

Our head office is in Melbourne but we are the best debt collectors for any debts in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Our staff members are paid on results. The more they collect, the more they get paid. This provides a great incentive for hard work on your behalf. Our staff are debt recovery experts. If they’re not, they do not last long at eCollect.

Your account manager will look after all your debt collection needs and advise you on the best way to proceed with any difficult debt recovery situations.

If you’re wanting fast debt recovery, don’t delay. Debts rarely get easier to collect. Use the eCollect Debt Terminator to tell us about your debt and have an obligation free recommendation made about collection.

You have nothing to lose but a bad debt.

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