Debt Terminator

Collect Your Debt

The Debt Terminator is software that determines the best way to collect your debt.

We have decades of experience in doing this - residing between staff members of eCollect and our associated legal firm E C Legal. There aren’t many situations that we haven’t dealt with over the journey.

The Debt Terminator will provide:

  • a proposal with a recommended course of action
  • a link to the best person or people for the task
  • a cost estimate

Give us as much detail as you can about the debt for collection. Our recommendation will only be as good as the accuracy of the information you give us.

No cost

There is no cost to use the Debt Terminator and no obligation to continue with eCollect or E C Legal if you do.

The information given to you by the Debt Terminator is not legal advice although it is designed by experienced lawyers and collectors as an online first consultation. You will need to speak directly with a lawyer if you want legal advice. They are likely to ask you the same questions as the Debt Terminator and charge you for their advice

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