Building and construction

Building and construction

we surround ourselves with good people

At eCollect we have extensive experience in assisting various tradesmen, builders, architects, surveyors etc with any unpaid invoices that they have, and also dealing with any building disputes that may have arisen from construction work that has been undertaken whether it has been
domestic or commercial work.

Our Senior Account managers have previously worked in the industry and have managed their own domestic building projects over the years. They have been with eCollect for 12 years and have assisted hundreds of client’s, mainly sub-contractors in successfully recovering money that they are owed, without the need of spending thousands of dollars on unnecessary legal costs. The experience gained by our Senior Account Managers over the last 12 or so years in the industry allows them to understand the various different claims that their client’s may have, and also deal with disputes which may sometimes be used by builders to avoid payment or try to reduce the amount that should be payable to a subcontractor, by attempting to claim that there may be defective or incomplete work.

When a file is referred to eCollect for recovery, in particular a building matter, we like to obtain as much information about the debt as possible. This may include details of any alleged dispute that a builder who has not paid a subcontractor may have.

Once all of the relevant debt details are received, we prepare and send a letter of demand to your debtor and also follow this up with a phone call and email. Our years of experience have found that engaging with debtors over the phone has been one of the most effective ways of dealing with a debt, whether it is disputed or not. Debtors can ignore letters and emails, however when repeated phone calls are made to debtors during all of hours of the day and evening, (including weekends) we tend to get debtors who are left with no option but to deal with us, as we are generally not in a position to go away or simply stop trying to contact debtors unless a matter has been resolved.

The work that is performed by eCollect and it’s Senior Account Managers is on a No Win – No Fee basis which gives us every incentive to collect your debt as if it were ours.

If for whatever reason a debt cannot be recovered, this would generally be the case if a matter is in dispute and a settlement cannot be reached we can then asses your case and make a recommendation on escalating the matter to litigation.