we surround ourselves with good people

eCollect understands that the sustainability of your Centre and its ability to provide a high quality service needs to remain paramount.

We receive regular feedback from private and Not for Profit child care centres that asking parents to pay their Childcare fees can be a difficult and sensitive issue for their educators and administration staff. These clients tell us that they never want to exclude a child from care for non-payment of fees and often the chat with a parent can be a emotionally charged and a challenging task to fulfill.

We understand your industry, and we are here to provide an end to end service. From working through parent issues with new and constantly changing subsidies/schemes to applying more intensive debt collection tasks such as locating a parent who has left your centre and contact has been lost, eCollect has specialised staff to engage your parents and work towards the goal of getting you paid, no collect/no fee.

We get paid when you do.