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eCollect understands that the sustainability of your centre and its ability to provide a high quality service needs to remain paramount.

We receive regular feedback from both private and not-for-profit child care centres that asking parents to pay their childcare fees can be a difficult and sensitive issue for their educators and administration staff. These clients tell us that they never want to exclude a child from care for non-payment of fees and often the chat with a parent can be an emotionally charged and a challenging task to fulfil.

eCollect understands your industry. Our initial approaches to your parents are gentle and understanding. We start by assuming that the parents want to pay but have difficulties in doing so.

Where this is the case, eCollect will work through payment issues with the parents. We know about new and constantly changing subsidies/schemes to assist parents in completing the tasks that may be necessary to allow them access to government rebates.

Where we see the capacity to pay but an unjustified reluctance to so, eCollect can applying a more intensive debt collection strategy including locating a parent who has left your centre and contact has been lost and convincing reluctant parents to set up payment plans. eCollect staff have specialised skill and experience in dealing with childcare debts.

eCollect is an ISO9001-2004 certified debt recovery agency licenced to operate in all regions of Australia and New Zealand.
Debt recovery is provided on a No Recovery, No Charge basis. Terms and conditions apply.
eCollect has specialist collection staff.

  • 10 years operation in New Zealand and 20 years in Australia.
  • Dedicated account managers on your matters from start to finish.
  • Online client portal for real time access to your files.
  • In house legal should your matter require litigation.

If collecting outstanding accounts was easy, you would already have the money.

  • No charge for lodging a debt.
  • No upfront costs and no costs without your express approval.
  • We share the risk with you because we all work on commission. We only get paid if you do!
  • Debts of any size.
  • You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

We collect your money as if it was ours™ Getting started Your eCollect BDM will create an Authority to Act for you. This will detail your rates and confirm that eCollect is able to act on your behalf for the purposes of recovering the debts that you lodge with us. Your rates may be a sliding scale to accommodate different value debts.

Confirming demand
Your current terms and conditions may impact on the demand issued. A legal practitioner will review the terms and conditions on your behalf to confirm what can be demanded from your debtor. There is no charge for this review.

Submitting a debt
Being able to provide a debtor with evidence is their debt is a legal requirement. When submitting a debt for recovery, we require contact details, the invoice and or contract and confirmation that the debt is free of legal dispute.

eCollect reporting is by the calendar month.
eCollect client portal – available at all times via secure password and website. Contains all reports, payments, invoices, statements, file notes and correspondence relating to your matters. Your ecollect BDM will assist you.
Email a combination of automated emails and monthly statements will be provided at milestones such as a payment received.

Your eCollect team
BDM – your BDM is your primary point of contact for all business related matters. They will provide training and assist with debt uploads. They work on commission.
Account Manager – your debt collector is a subject matter expert in their industry. They will be assigned to your account and will see all matters through from lodgement to completion. They work on commission.
eCollect Senior Management - day to day operations are managed by the BDM and AM but eCollect senior management are always available to you.