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A company’s finances and debts can be challenging but managing them is an entirely new level of difficulty. To run your business, you need to maintain a constant cash flow. As a business owner, you may encounter a variety of challenges, such as delayed payments and little time and energy to collect your debts. 

The best way to manage such a situation is by hiring Australian debt recovery services for small businesses. With a 95% recovery rate, eCollect is a reputable debt recovery agency in Australia. 

Our services include recovering overdue accounts and enhancing cash flow for businesses of all types. In contrast to other companies, we aim to discover why you haven’t been paid and strive to resolve the problem. 

Instead of following a pre-set action path, our eCollect debt collectors in NSW use out of the box thinking to simultaneously explore all available collection options in order to maximise the recovery of your money at every stage of the collection process, regardless of your company size. 

This approach has allowed us to always get debts paid while maintaining a good relationship with our clients. Our Terms and Conditions and your Contract may contain a clause that will enable us to add recovery costs to the overdue amount. We are commission based and only receive compensation for the money that we collect. 

To put it simply, if we don’t collect the debt, we don’t get paid. 

eCollect has been providing debt recovery services for over two decades. With the assistance of our skilled team of debt collectors in NSW, we can help companies and businesses recover their debts, so they can use that time to focus on other important matters. If you wish to know more or get a free quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us.