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Broadly speaking, there are two types of debt recovery situations.


We often see situations where debtors are struggling to manage multiple claims on their money. Sometimes, this is caused by circumstances beyond their control but sometimes they are just not good money managers.

The truth is that debtors in this situation generally have money to pay some debts but not others.

eCollect’s approach in this area is to build and maintain a relationship with the debtor to convince them to pay our client’s debts ahead of the other people who are chasing them. There is skill and experience required in selecting the right way to deal with these types of debtors. Some need a friendly approach whilst others might respond to threats of legal action and a damaging credit history. Often, a combination of these approaches is the best way to get a result.

This is where the eCollect account managers stand above our competitors. We’ve had the same core group here for nearly 10 years. They are paid on their results for our clients. They are paid well.


There is an increasing group of people in our society who don’t feel an obligation to pay their debts.

eCollect needs to find out what their objection is and overcome it. We start by having an open conversation to see there is any genuine dispute with the account. If there is, we come back to our clients and try and work out a compromise solution. If there is no genuine dispute, then eCollect will quickly impress upon the debtor the need to pay or fact the possibility of litigation. In doing this, there needs to be a steady escalation in the debt recovery process from being gentle to more forceful and moving to include demands made by E C Legal, our associated legal firm.

Ultimately, litigation may be necessary for these types of debtors. eCollect can provide litigation management and funding in conjuction with E C Legal.


Debts in different industries often require a different approach. Chasing a debt owed to a plumber by a builder is quite a different situation to chasing a debt for childcare from the parents of the child. eCollect account managers generally work in a few selected areas. This allows experience to be gained quickly in that particular type of industry collection. More experience equals better results faster.

eCollect has genuine experience in:

  • Accounting Professionals
  • Aged Care Providers
  • Building & Construction Industry
  • Dental Professionals
  • Education and Training Providers
  • Real Estate Agents & Rentals
  • Gym & Fitness Providers
  • Legal Professionals
  • Manufacturers
  • Medical Professionals
  • Entertainment Rentals
  • Child Care Providers

So tell us about your debt by clicking on the Debt Terminator for your OBLIGATION FREE assessment.


–> What type of debt recovery experience does eCollect have?
eCollect has genuine experience in dealing with a variety of clients, including accounting professionals, real estate agents and rentals, medical professionals, legal professionals, and manufacturers, to name a few.

–> How do you obtain money from debtors who do not feel obligated?
We find out what their objection is about returning the money by having an open conversation, and see there if there is any genuine dispute. If there is, we come back to our clients and try to work out a compromise solution. If there is no genuine dispute, then eCollect will ask the debtor to pay or face the possibility of litigation. This usually works out in the best interests of our clients.

–> How do you deal with debtors who cannot pay due to some issues?
eCollect’s approach in such cases is to build and maintain a relationship with the debtor. We try to convince them to pay our client’s debts ahead of the other people. Some need a friendly approach while others may respond to warnings of legal action. A combination of these approaches often helps to get the desired result. Our professionals have the skill and experience to select the right way.

–> Do you provide a free debt assessment?
eCollect has a unique Debt Terminator option that can provide a proposal with a recommended course of action and a cost estimate. It will also show a link to the best person or people for the task. It is a no-obligation service.