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In Sydney and nearby areas, our debt recovery services are fast, professional, and ethical. For debt recovery, eCollect is among Australia’s top agencies.


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Easy And Quick Debt
Recovery In Sydney

eCollect is a debt collection company that specialises in hassle-free debt collection. Our company uses various strategies to get your debts paid quickly.

Our team develops a strategy based on our knowledge of your business operations, accounting practices, billing, and internal collections processes in order to help you recover debts. This is then applied to the recovery of your debts, where we collect payment and deliver your payment to you within 24 hours of collection.

eCollect works with institutions across a variety of industries, recovering debt for firms in immigration consultants, building industry, gymnasiums and health clubs, wholesalers, aged care providers, and retailers.

Debt recovery has been a cornerstone of eCollect’s business in Australia for the last 25 years. The services we provide are tailored to suit the needs of our clients. The resources and expertise of our company can accommodate any size of business. No matter how big or small your business is, we can assist you in maintaining your cash flow and managing your accounts.

We provide a high level of customer service and utilise the latest technology to inform you whenever any action takes place. As an individual, you are not just another number to us; we are committed to providing a full range of services. We are committed to meeting your needs – both now and in the future.

Under the supervision of your dedicated Account Manager, we have highly trained personnel to handle your defaulting customers. We handle the collection on your behalf. All collections are handled in a confidential manner.

A state-of-the-art in-house recovery system propels the matter to the end of the collection process. We provide a seamless legal service with a quick turnaround for those in need of legal action. After giving the debtor the opportunity to pay, if they fail to do so, we will do everything in our power to recover the full amount you deserve, plus any legal costs and interest you might be entitled to.

Providing non-contentious solutions through our debt recovery services enables you to establish and maintain good relationships with your customers.

In addition to providing debt recovery services, our team offers advice for all accounts sent to us by our clients who have slow-paying customers or bad payers. It is understood that every business is different and has unique values when it comes to debt collection.

A special feature our clients appreciate is our personal service, 24/7 online portal, reporting and RESULTS. Please get in touch if you feel we can help your business improve its cash flow. You can reach our debt recovery team by phone or e-mail.


No Upfront Fees

There are no extra charges or commitments associated with debt collection services. It’s 100% free!

No Collection No Charge *

‘No success, no charge’ is how we operate; it is usually the debtor who pays our fees.

No Monthly Membership Fees

We do not charge you any upfront fees or membership fees.

Well-versed Collectors!

Our debt collection team has over 20 years of experience to offer you.

No Monthly Minimum Debts

We do not have monthly minimum debt placement requirements.

Compliance with the Industry

eCollect adheres strictly to a Statement of Compliance and a Code of Ethics. Our actions are aligned with our mission, goals, and objectives to help you recover bad debt.

Updates are available all the time.

If you use the online form, you can lodge a debt as well as access your account whenever you want.

Local Recovery Services

With utmost professionalism, our team of debt recovery specialists adhere to state-specific and federal debt collection laws & regulations.

Debts of all Sorts

No matter the type of your debt, our collectors are trained in recovering debts strategically and by fully complying with local laws in all Australia & NZ territories.

Clients That Trust Us

Frequently Asked Question

If I have a debt, when should I outsource it to a debt collection agency?

According to our experience, the older the debt, the harder it is to collect. These three scenarios indicate that the debtor is ignoring your efforts to recover and/or is not taking your requests seriously.

  • At least two promises to pay have been broken.
  • At least three attempts to contact the debtor have been unsuccessful. Contact can be done through phone calls, letters of reminder, emails, or text messages.
  • It has been more than 60 or 90 days since the debtor submitted payment, and the debtor has not responded to your repeated requests for payment.
Does it matter if a debt is more than 90 days old?

In the collection of overdue debts, time really is money. Our company accepts old invoices, but the older the invoice, the less likely it is to be recovered completely.

I received a payment from my debtor shortly after the case was introduced. Am I required to pay?

Once you file a case with us, you become a customer. Consequently, any payment made by your debtor after we have been involved will be subject to our success fees. We immediately start debt recovery efforts once we have been involved.

Do you have a maximum or minimum debt value that I can refer to?

If you want to refer a debt to our collection agency, there is no minimum or maximum debt amount required. The amount of the debt, however, will enable us to determine the appropriate and most cost-effective course of action for the most rapid recovery. Depending on the debt amount, the circumstances of the debtor, and the associated costs, a professional debt collection agency like eCollect will be able to discuss the various options available to them.

What sets eCollect Services apart?

Since more than 25 years ago, we have been helping clients in the debt collection industry. With our vast experience and skill in debt recovery, eCollect continues to deliver successful results to our clients. We have established strong relationships with our clients through our years of experience, professionalism, and track record of success. We promise to provide an unparalleled level of service to every single client, one they can count on and one we can be proud of.

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