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If you are reading this, you probably have a court judgment against you

Credit Repair Services

remove a judgment and repair your credit rating

Credit Repair

eCollect can help remove the judgment and repair your credit rating. If there is a judgment against you, it will affect your credit rating and could cost you more money. Most companies check one of the large credit reporting organisations before supplying you with goods, services or money. Your credit rating is affected even if you have paid in full. The Plaintiff/ Creditor now has the power of the courts to enforce the judgment. This leads to additional costs which are borne by you.

Do not delay in dealing with judgments

Interest accrues at the penalty interest rate on outstanding judgments and Plaintiff / Creditors may take enforcement action without notice. This means more cost to you. Plaintiff / Creditors are more receptive to settlement proposals if they come without delay through a professional representative.

How we repair your credit rating

Where you have paid the debt, eCollect will work with our associated legal firm, E C Legal, to remove the judgment from the court records. If money is still outstanding, eCollect will negotiate on behalf of your company and attempt to resolve the issue of the outstanding amount. We then use the evidence generated to advise the credit reporting organisations and repair your credit rating. Contact Dale Scott Credit Repair Specialist Local Call Fee Only: 1300 119 163 Email: