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Credit Repair Services

remove a judgment and repair your credit rating


If you are reading this, you probably have a court judgment against you

Do You Have a Default Judgment Against You?

Credit Right is eCollect’s credit repair specialist division.

The tightening of lending criteria and changes to the credit reporting system within Australia have made it vitally important to increase your credit score and to keep your Credit Right.

With over 40 years combined credit, debt and legal experience, Credit Right (in association with E C Legal) aims to effectively negotiate positive outcomes for its clients by restoring or improving their credit bureau profiles.

Credit Right can help with:

  • Investigating the methods used by creditors to list the default or judgment
  • Liaising with your creditors to negotiate settlements on your behalf
  • Negotiating by consent and/or making applications for the negative information to be removed
  • Obtain a copy of your report for review
  • Reporting to you with advice on how to repair your credit file

Have a look at Credit Right for more information.

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