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Obligation Free – what we do and how much it costs

Real people – we collect your money as if it were ours!

We are an online debt recovery agency combining state-of-the-art software and experienced collection staff. Our clients have access to our work at all times.

Our Australian based staff are rewarded on the basis of their successful results for our clients. Their income depends upon collecting your money.

No Upfront Fees

eCollect is all about performance. We do not expect payment for letters.


No Recovery No Charge

Give us a fair go at your collections. There is no charge if no money is recovered for you


Our Collectors

Experienced and rewarded by results, some collectors have been with us for 10+ years


Debts of all Sorts

Our collectors know how different industries work across Australia & NZ


It’s Your Money

Our broad experience has been in all types of debt recovery. For one-off collections, the amount of the debt needs to be $500.00. For multiple collections, we will collect amounts down to $20.00.

Can’t find the debtor? eCollect probably can and we only charge if we are successful. At the very least we start with a known address of the debtor and progress from there >> get started with the Debt Terminator